New Name - Wild Nibs

It has been two months since the last blog post.  We hit some major roadblocks. You would have noticed that we have a new name: Wild Nibs.

This will be our name for a year until March 2017 when we can officially start retailing chocolate and be free to do whatever we want with chocolate (lots of!). I personally think that this is a pretty apt name because it embodies what the company is all about—wild flavours brought forth from cacao nibs! 

The next batch of chocolate will be available in March 2017. Until then, we will be working on a bunch of stuff:

-Dialing in the rheological properties of our chocolate

-Sourcing flavour grade cacao beans

-Dialing in the right flavour profile for these new cacao

-Procuring new equipment

-Make awesome baked chocolate goodies

That's quite enough to keep us busy for a while. I will keep everyone updated on our progress.

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