People imagine that working in a chocolate factory is a bit glamorous and you get to eat free chocolates. But there’s a lot of dirty work.




General queries

1. What makes your company different?

Bean to bar. We are Singapore's first bean-to-bar chocolate company based in a quiet corner in the Western part of our sunny island. Our small team of chocolate makers working very passionately to produce fine chocolate from sustainably-sourced cacao beans (from scratch! Instead of melting store bought couvertures). We focus on bringing forth the unique flavours that different cacao origins have to offer, roasting the beans, grinding and tempering in small batches and finishing them in hand packaged chocolate bars. The process is time consuming but we love it. I’m sure you will agree it is worth it after tasting the chocolate!

Quality & ethical sourcing.  All our cacao are sourced without human exploitation, and we say no to commodity grade typically used by industrial makers. We pay a premium to get our hands on the top 5% of the world’s cacao crops from farmers and distributors who care about quality and craftsmanship, so that you may enjoy the deep flavours and complexity of the natural cacao.

No additives & substitutes. Our Single Origin Dark Chocolates presented in its purest form with only two ingredient - cacao and sugar. We do not use any flavourings, vegetable oil, emulsifiers or chemicals to fill our chocolates. This caters to organic/vegan/health & wellness consumers.

Bold flavours. Our consumers know us for our ability to offer very surprising but mind-blowingly delicious flavours. Our Artisan Chocolates make use of ingredients you never imagined to be associated with chocolate. With new flavours launching every 1-2 months, we keep our customers excited and coming back for more.


2. How did the journey begin? What made you decide to do this?

Our story began when four years ago, when a friend brought us a Madagascar single origin chocolate bar as a gift for Christmas, which blew us away - it was full of raspberries, almonds! It was then that we realised the taste of chocolates could be so flat with commercial bars yet so flavourful with the craft chocolates. With Singapore being renown for our high food quality standards, we were appalled by the difficulty to find fine real chocolates (made with cacao beans instead of covertures, cocoa mass, compounds or substitutes). 

Fossa Chocolate began as a home experiment. It was just for fun. When we started we were hand peeling everything. We were roasting in our home oven and then hand cracking it. We never thought it’d become a business.


3. How big is your team?

We have an amazing team that consists of chocolate makers, chocolatiers, photographers, designers, social media managers, website developers, marketers and more. Read about our three man team here.


4. What's the process of creation like? How do you come up with new flavours?

We get inspirations from our travels and from the food we taste. For example, after our trip to Tokyo in early 2018, we created a series of Japan-inspired flavours like the Shrimp & Bonito dark chocolate and Sake Kasu white chocolate. 


5. Why are your chocolates more expensive than the supermarket brands?

We put a lot of work into it. Unlike mass producers who start with the semi-finished product of cocoa mass derived as by-products from commodity grade beans, our work involves a 7-step process that usually begins with hand-sorting raw cacao beans. We also purchase all our beans above market prices because we value the work of farmers and producers and want to make sure they are motivated to continue the work they are doing. So we reward them fairly. Commodity prices are just so low, the farmers are not going to survive on that.


6. Where can I find your products?

Our products can be found in Singapore, US, Canada, Hong Kong and Maldives. We are stocked in many cafes, grocery shops, boutique retailers, souvenir shops, and more. You can check out the full list here.

Further details

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