Limited Edition: Korean Seafood Feast

Limited Edition: Korean Seafood Feast


Our visit to Jeju island in South Korea last month yielded happy tummies full of seafood and bountiful amazing local ingredients we’re excited to share with everyone.

In this bar, you will experience a seafood punch, bringing to mind a comforting seafood hotpot dinner enjoyed slowly by the ocean. The two toasted korean shrimps on a bed of seaweed lend a crunchy texture that complements the smooth melt of the fruity and spicy Burung 72% dark chocolate. White sesame, sea salt and gochugaru (Korean dried red pepper) complete the experience.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, seaweed, chilli flakes, dried shrimps, sesame, sea salt

Contains seafood and sesame

Weight: 24g

✓ Dairy-free

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