Introducing Our Range

Fossa Chocolate Bar

It is with great pleasure to announce that we’ve finally launched our Fossa Chocolate product range for sale. We chose to use this name because it really resonates with what we envision the company to be—working with and presenting wild flavors (Fossa, the animal’s scientific name is C. ferox which means wild).

During our one-year lull time doing back end R&D work, we visited cacao plantations, conducted countless experiments with various cacao and recipes, and slowly built and refined our chocolate making equipment to dial in the flavor profiles we wanted. Our current system has its limitations but the final piece of equipment (at least for this year) will be arriving this weekend so I’m really psyched to start making some even better chocolate with it.

We will be making generally three types of chocolates.

The single origin dark chocolate range will be our core product, showcasing the unique unadulterated flavors of the cacao we have sourced. Each of these cacaos will be selected for their wide spectrum of flavors. We try not to have cacaos with similar flavor profile in our portfolio at any one point in time so that we can manage our limited warehousing space better and keep our production schedule in check.

The inclusion range will see some interesting toppings that we feel complement the various single origin chocolates. For example, one of the ex-tenants of our shared factory space brings in some really amazing sun-dried mulberries. We have plans to use that with one of our fruitier chocolate.

Finally, to make things more interesting (for us as much as for you), we will also have a special limited edition range that pushes boundaries. So far we have a salted egg yolk cereal with caramelized white chocolate and an Uji Matcha chocolate available. More flavors are in the work. We will be releasing them in the coming months so please revisit our website or sign up to our mailing list!

These three types of chocolate should be enough to cover all grounds for now. If you haven’t already tried our current range, go ahead and order them on our webstore. Delivery to any location in Singapore is S$10. If you’d like to have them shipped overseas, just send us an email and we’ll fetch you a shipping quote from trusty DHL.