Homeground Coffee Roasters x Fossa Chocolate

We first met the Homeground Coffee Roasters (HGCR) team at their cafe takeover at The Glasshouse when they presented two special coffee co-roasted with Hoshikawa Cafe from Japan. The packaging artwork (by Mike, check out his IG: herabot) got our attention, the coffee presentation and sharing by Ely made us understand the thought process behind the cup, and the coffee was so delicious we decided we need to work with them. 

Fast forward two months later, we developed two coffee chocolate bars, just in time for Christmas. Instead of going with the typical tried and tested dark-roasted espresso coffee-chocolate blend, we decided to present them lightly-roasted for filter brews. We also wanted to showcase the drastically different flavour profile brought forth by various post-harvesting methods - natural processed and wash processed. 

Natural and washed processed coffee chocolate

Natural processed coffee are coffee cherries that were left to dry in the sun with its pulp on, allowing fermentation to start spontaneously as the yeast feast on the sugary pulp. This process develops a certain sweet ripen fruit character in the coffee which paired really well with the wine-like flavour of our Rehoboth Estate cacao from the Philippines. 

Wash processed coffee on the other hand, have a cleaner flavour profile as the coffee cherries were pulped and washed before drying, eliminating the fermentation process. Our nutty Oko Caribe cacao highlighted the floral notes of the coffee.

Both chocolates had distinctive flavours and we found that everyone have their favourites. If you managed to get your hands on these limited release bars, do let us know your thoughts!