Favors FAQ

+ My event venue is non-air conditioned, will the chocolate melt?

Chocolate bars are best kept between 18-25°C but are resilient enough for a day in the Singapore weather away from direct sunlight and heat source.

+ What is the size of the chocolate bar?

108 x 75 x 7 mm with packaging

+ Last minute booking?

We always try our best to please but last minute requests shorter than 4 weeks' lead-time are subjected to availability. Additional cost may be incurred for rushed orders.

+ Last minute changes?

Changes are only allowed up to one month before the event. Additional cost may be incurred for any changes within 1 month from event and are subjected to schedule availability.

+ Are there any delivery and set-up fees?

Delivery is free to one location. Additional $20 is chargable to each additional location. There will be surcharge of SGD10 for delivery to Sentosa and Jurong Island. SGD50 is chargable if setting-up is required.

+ Is there a deposit required to secure my order?

Yes. Full payment is required to secure the order.

+ Can I have a fully customised chocolate and packaging?

Yes, you can! Please drop us an email at sales@fossachocolate.com
There will be an Artwork Fee of addtional 100SGD nett and Hotstamping fee of 100SGD nett. Minimum quantity will be 280 pieces for full customisation.
Please note that artwork fee does not include design and you will need to provide design.

+ Are your products halal?

We are not halal-certified but we do not use any pork related ingredients. Should there be any alcohol in the products, we'll be sure to specify explicitly.

+ What is the best way to store the chocolate?

The most ideal way to store the chocolate would be to keep them in a wine fridge configured to the “red wine” setting (14-18°C). If kept in a refrigerator (0-4°C), make sure that the packaging is properly secured to prevent condensation on the surface of the chocolate when taken out to room temperature.

Bear in mind that chocolate tends to absorb surrounding odour so it is important to store chocolate away from strong odour.

In order to experience the best texture and flavour, take out from the refrigerator the chocolate in its sealed packaging at least 10 minutes before serving. This allows the chocolates to warm to 18 to 20°C while keeping condensation to a minimum on the chocolates.

+ There are white speckles on the chocolate! What are they?

This is a condition known as sugar bloom. It affects only the aesthetics of the chocolate and will not affect the taste. The chocolate adopts a dull, tannish-white colour and feels gritty when touched. It is caused by the condensation of water vapour in the air on the chocolate surface when the chocolate is exposed to a sharp increase in ambient temperature. The water droplets dissolve the sugar in the chocolate, and when evaporated, leave behind tiny sugar crystals on the chocolate.

+ Can I do self-collection?

Yes, you may collect from our factory. Please keep the chocolate cool and dry, away from direct sunlight and heat source. We are not liable for damages once the chocolate leaves our facility.