Chocolate Gift Set

Chocolate Gift Set

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Single origin set - includes 4 or 6 dark chocolate bars of different origins. This is a perfect gift for the connoisseur or dark chocolate lover who has refined taste buds and appreciates delicate flavour profiles. Enjoy a private tasting flight with this range and have fun picking out the diverse flavour notes of different cacao sourced from around the world!

Mixed set

This is a perfect gift for the foodie or fun loving chocolate fan who has curious taste buds and enjoys a little excitement. Take delight in a journey of discovery with this range and be pleasantly surprised by the myriad of flavours we bring through chocolates!

Set of 4 contains:

  • A random mix of 4 Artisan Flavour Chocolates

Set of 6 contains:

  • Set of 4

  • + 2 Single Origin Dark Chocolates

This gift set comes with a complimentary greeting card.

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