Rustic Gems

Rustic Gems


Transport yourself a hundred and forty years back in time and have a taste of how ancient chocolates used to be like with our bite-size Rustic Gems. Savour the simplicity of chocolate as it was enjoyed in the past - crunch your way through these little flavour bombs and experience a chocolatey explosion in your mouth.

Made with only two ingredients - cacao beans and sugar, the rustic gem showcases the quality of cacao carefully prepared by Pak Eddy (local term for Uncle Eddy) in his small estate in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.

Perfect as little nibbles for guilt-free pleasure. Also pairs well with coffee, whisky and rum.

Shelf life: 12 months

Store in a cool & dry place (no refrigeration required)

✓ Dairy-free
✓ Soy-free
✓ Wheat-free
✓ Nut-free
✓ Gluten free
✓ Vegan

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