Jay, Chocolate Maker

Jay's love of making things from scratch and studying new stuff got him into beer brewing, fermentation, machine fixing and eventually chocolate making. Guided by his taste buds, he dreams up new flavours and make them into chocolate with his trusty pair of hands. 

You can ask him about anything chocolate, beer and fermentation related. He enjoys geeky conversations.


Charis, Chocolate Maker

Charis is the artist in the team. When she’s not making chocolate, she designs packaging, makes pastries, chocolate bonbons and chocolate flowers.

She is a huge foodie and you can ask her for recommendations on the best places for food.




YilinaBusiness & Marketing Director

Yilina brings ideas to life and uses her deep imagination to guide her creations in photography, food and business. She’s also our team's master chef, foraging and dishing out hearty staff meals that fuel us through long days. 

You can talk to her about potluck parties, marketing ideas and plans for collaboration. Dog treats for her three adorable pups are welcomed too!