Heading to USA

We thought that the months leading up to Christmas were busy enough but January was crazy. We began the new year fulfilling the long list of December back orders (phew!). And then there was Carrie’s Keepers event in early Jan, which was a blast with the flavour war raging between die-hard Salted Egg Cereal fans vs Pistachio Rose Cranberry lovers.

Amidst the flurry of conversations and slurps of coffee right after the event, we found ourselves headed for the US on a flight longer than the amount of sleep each of us had that week. It should have been a long restful flight but HOW CAN I SAY NO TO AMAZING THRILLERS AIRING IN-FLIGHT?? For those of you who like some adrenaline-pumping drama, check out this and this which I thought were pretty good.

And then after many meals and naps onboard, we finally arrived in San Francisco all ready to meet our friends and retailers at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

It was a busy but fulfilling event and it was good that we could finally put faces to the names we’ve been talking to for months online. Thanks to everyone’s support, we’re happy to share that we are now in 28 states (69 cities) in the US! But of course we won’t stop growing from here.

To our friends and readers in the States, don’t worry if we’re currently not present where you are. Please please reach out to us at hello@fossachocolate.com or via Instagram or Facebook if you have any retailers you’d like us to approach for stocking and we’ll do our best to find our way to you!

In the meantime, here are some travel photos to enjoy. :)