Debut: Chocolate Tasting Club


As chocolate makers, we consume lots of chocolate everyday. In our pursuit of creating fine flavours, we go through numerous rounds of R&D for each new product that we launch, making tweaks to the roast profile and recipe. We then conduct blind taste tests and continually refine the flavours till they are on point.

When it's finally down to actual production, we taste the chocolate after a few days of conching to ensure that the texture is satisfactory before harvesting for the next step. When we mould the bars, we taste to ensure that the final product is consistent with the tasting notes we present.

Beyond our own range, we also enjoy tasting chocolates by makers from around the world as a benchmark and source of inspiration for our palettes. Over time, we've accumulated a treasure trove of chocolates from our adventures around the world - many of which can’t be found in Singapore or even Asia.

With the launch of our Chocolate Tasting Club, we aim to educate, engage and enrich our community with knowledge about cacao and chocolate. Through a series of tasting and discussion sessions, we will be unveiling our stash of chocolates thematically and experiencing how the techniques adopted by different chocolate makers impact the final flavour and texture of the bars.

This April, we are so thrilled to debut our first meet up with some new bars on hand! In this upcoming session, we will be tasting through a variety of dark chocolates made with Bolivian cacao as well as a series of very special breakfast-inspired chocolate flavours.

Check out our event page here for more details!